The Unread Letter

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You were a better friend than I ever deserved. The most loyal of friends that I could have had. You loved your family in a way all men should and treated your girl in the best way you could. Your life had a purpose and the Lord gave you a plan it’s just so hard cause none of us can understand. Your life was a sacrifice that I can not forget. You trained your body, soul, and mind to keep this country safe. It’s true that all men die but you have really lived. I pray that you are looking down and that you feel no pain. I hope you can’t see my tears and I pray they’re not in vain. I can’t believe that you’re gone, and it just hurts to take it in. You will always be my LT, my brother, and my friend.

Remember the Good Times:

That skater kid with the cardboard box that we stole and then when we apologized he was a jerk about it so you turned around and ran over his PRECIOUS box

Firecrackers at Crabby Jacks

Roman Candles out car windows

Passing different items between cars on road trips

Boobalizing other vehicles on road trips

The bottle rocket I ACCIDENTALLY knocked over and it flew at all those people underneath the cars

The time that SOMEBODY put the mortar shells in the tubes upside down

Your mysterious story about the taxi that ran you off the road

The guy that pried open the door of your car with the scaffolding pole when you locked your keys in your car

Stabbing me with Danny’s really cool ninja knife

The lightsaber fights in Wal-Mart at 2 in the morning

All the movies you ruined for me because the actor happened to call Marines “Soldiers” and that is sooooo wrong

All the movies you ruined for me because “That gun really couldn’t shoot that far, it’s range is only 200 yards, and even so it’s only accurate at 100 yards”

All the games of Halo w/ the Orignals and all the stupid trash talking comments that u and colin had to each other…LAME

Shooting deer w/ paintball guns

The time that I backed into your car w/ my moms van and you were sooo pissed and then you realized it was me and said “Oh Cap that was you? Oh man no problem it’s ok man it’s ok” BUT we all knew you were still pissed (hey I still paid for it ok?)

Our Halo names that said certain things to make you mad about your mom..

The time you got your truck stuck on top of that big hill behind Ross’ shop!

The time you got pulled over at Sonic for having an AIRSOFT gun.

All the gay waiters that happened to hit on me at Red Robin

“No Aaron’s mom swims with the dolphins” Travis Liles AKA Terror Drone

The saturn missiles we shot at the empty house down at the Ski’s place

The game of British style paintball

When we raced down 281 and hit a certain speed that I will not put on this message because…well…

DOA on the Senior trip

All the times we watched Danski play that stupid world of warcraft game!!

All the times that u and danny tried to rack me

The times we climbed the beams in your living room…I won btw.

The time you stuck that sonic sticker to my car and it wouldn’t come off so I got all hot and bothered about it.

The time Danny got in the accident on the way to camp so I had to come back and pick you hitchhiking losers up, and we had the cruise control in the van on like 100.

All the talks in our cars about women and how we didn’t care about them and we were too cool yet they truthfully had us on a leash.

All the times we stood around at Sonic and did absolutely NOTHING

“Guys do we have to go to Krispy Kreme, this is so stupid we always sit around and talk about what we’re gonna do and never do it, I’m staying here this is dumb” Danny Schmidt AKA IO

The endless TROGDOR songs and Celebrity Jeapordy lines

The time that I came over to see you the night before you got shipped out and before I got there you ordered a completely raw steak (cause you’re a marine) and then when I got to your place you were in the bathroom for 3 hours, and I got to talk to your parents instead of you. Jerk.

Everytime we called each other and you yelled Captain!!! so loud that I got scared someone else was yelling at me.

All of the Unwritten Law songs we listened to, but we were too cool to sing along.

There is so much more LT, so much more but most importantly….

Aaron: “She wants me, you know why she wants me?”
LT: “Because she’s female!!!!!!!”

It’ll never be the same without you mate, RIP.

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