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Gotta love Tech Support, sometimes they fix things without even saying anything. Below is my chat log on a recent issue that I ran into, Jose helped a lot, by listening…

You: Hey Jose,
Jose: How can I help you?
You: I just resolved an issue I thought we had, I have another separate issue though.
You: …many issues here
You: we moved an account to a newer server ( and it used to be on our server (
You: now, the email on can not receive mail from us at…i’m an idiot. their going to the local account on our server because we haven’t terminated it and they are on the same server
You: thanks for your help
You: you’ve been great
Jose: Sorry for the inconvenience
Jose: Please let us know if you encounter any more problem
Jose: Have a good day!
You: hahaha….you too.
Jose: good bye

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