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I was checking the Twitter account today and saw Larry Fitzgerald’s (@Lfitzgerald11) tweet that said, “success has nothing to do w/ what u gain in life or accomplish 4 yourself.Its what you do 4 others.” I started thinking about it, and realized just how twisted we are in America. All of our television shows, magazines, radio programs and ideologies are all about self-promotion. We look at professional athletes and celebrities in hopes that we may someday attain their level of popularity andĀ glamorĀ rather than become satisfied with our own lives.

My main question is, why does it take disaster for us to realize our success comes through helping others, not ourselves? Disaster has struck in Haiti and Americans have stood up by providing aid. When terrorists struck in 9/11 Americans stood to help those in pain, but it didn’t take very long for us to turn around and focus on our own success. How quickly we forget. My plea, focus on helping others in any way possible, give to disaster relief funds, help a stranger and flash a smile. Stop living for yourself, start living for others.

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