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Posted by Aaron Watters - June 28, 2010 - NBA - No Comments

I’m incredibly excited about the 2010 NBA draft from the San Antonio Spurs. We have always done a pretty solid job in the draft, but rarely select a “typical pick” and usually go for the no-namer from (insert country name here). I was pushing really hard for the Spurs to get lucky with either Xavier Henry falling later in the draft or the Spurs reaching for Jordan Crawford out of Xavier. In the end however it was James Anderson out of Oklahoma State that the Spurs selected with the 20th pick. In my opinion he was the best available player in the draft for the spurs. ┬áThe biggest hole the Spurs needed to fill after last year’s disappointment was the need for a consistent three point shooter. San Antonio lacked a reliable shooter from the perimeter to help spread the floor, and Anderson will do just that.

Adding a shooter like Anderson who averaged 24 points a game in arguably the most competitive conference in the NCAA will greatly help the Spurs depth. Anderson could be an instant starter with the Spurs, or follow Ginobili as the 2nd man off the bench. I see a likely starting 5 of Parker, Hill, RJ, Duncan, and Splitter or McDyess with Manu, Anderson and Blair coming in off the bench.

The Spurs 2nd round pick was another traditional Spurs draft pick with the selection of Ryan Richards, the 19 year-old out of England. Richards says he’s NBA ready, but I’m not convinced. His professional team didn’t want him and sent him to a farm team so his game could grow. His videos on youtube look great, ┬ábut you have to realize all of those nasty dunks are coming against guys I hoop against in the local Alamo Hoops league in San Antonio. I’m excited to see Richards come to the D-League and develop his game some more, he does have a ton of potential.

Overall, I give the Spurs an A- on the draft. We didn’t trade up or down and did the best with what we had, a yet another very successful draft for the Spurs.

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