Shell Shock

Posted by Aaron Watters - March 24, 2009 - Just Venting - No Comments

I had a little run in with a guy on the basketball court tonight and this little “scuffle” made me realize quite a few things. I didn’t say anything sarcastic (if you can believe that) but I kindly asked 3 guys to step off the court (they were standing on the court while we were playing a 5 vs. 5 game). Two of the guys did, another decided to be a rebel and stand on the floor in the corner. I asked the guy kindly about 3 times then explained to him the proper court edicate and even broke down that thing we call respect. He said some things that basically meant he didn’t respect any of the 10 guys on the court and in turn I pulled an Adam Harvey and knocked the ball away from him while he was dribbling on our court. That’s when it got interesting.

I screwed up by knocking the ball out of his hands, but honestly didn’t know what else to do. As much as I screwed up by taking things in to my own hands, but I was so baffled by the amount of disrespect this guy had for anyone outside of himself. I should have just walked away after I asked him the 4th time, but I just couldn’t get over it. It’s been tearing me up and the following is what I came up with:

All throughout The Bible God talks about humility, we can’t love others until we get past the love we have for ourselves. As we experience life we will have “breakdowns” or go through “rough times” and it’s in these times we realize that we aren’t as untouchable as we may think. It’s extremely important as a Christian to understand that Christ can only live through us when we die to ourselves and become transparent. I also learned that I have surrounded myself with relatively “good” people and this, in turn has given me the false impression that all people are genuinely “good”. I know this isn’t true, but just through living it’s something that I subconsciously started to believe. Something I talk about a lot is comfort zones. I’ve been in a comfort zone, I started to think that people actually have a general respect for others (how dumb am I?). Overall little events like this are necessary, even though I was as nice as possible (before hitting the ball) it just goes to show that some people just aren’t able to be helped or even want help. This is the reason Christ talked about planting a seed. Maybe this guy had something deep going on in his life that he was struggling with and maybe he was just looking for a fight. Either way, I totally failed in seed planting. In my failure, Christ works.

-Aaron Watters

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