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Posted by Aaron Watters - February 10, 2009 - Just Venting - No Comments

I was at school today and happened to overhear a girl talking about how awful her day was. She then started talking about her boyfriend and how he’s so miserable and her advice was, “Wake up with a good, positive attitude and everything will work out great!”. She then continued to talk about how awful her day was and how her boyfriend is now making her miserable…make sense? I was very tempted to turn around and ask her why she didn’t wake up with a positive attitude? Wouldn’t that have fixed everything? I mean, it’s the advice she gave her boyfriend…

How often do we just complain about trivial things without actually thinking about the true issues? Would we actually use the same advice that we give to others? I’ve learned throughout the last 23 years that patience is a great virtue, but how many times do we tell people to be patient about things yet we are impatient ourselves? Ever tell anyone to “Keep your head up”? What do you tell yourself when something isn’t going your way, is it keep your head up? Or is it, why me???

Just venting..that’s all…I’ll keep my head up.

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