Costa Rica – Day 9

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First let me start by saying I’m sorry that these are getting so long, but there is a ton of stuff going on here, if the notes are too long then tell me so I can shorten them…or depending on who you are I’ll just ignore you…Kyle.

Ladies night had taken a toll on the whole group, so we decided (subconsciously) to sleep in until around 10:30 in the morning on Saturday. All of our brave talk about waking up early to surf easily washed out of our minds and back out to sea after we had a few pina colada’s the night before. Soon after waking up in our nicely air conditioned room at the Best Western the world started to come down on us. We went to check out of our hotel rooms and the people at the desk immediately told us that there were some bar tabs that needed to get paid for from the night before. This made the room somewhere around $110 instead of the much expected lower price (if numbers are wrong please correct me). After this the people cleaning the other peoples room called down to the front office saying that a hand towel was missing. They then added $15 to the bill to account for the lost hand towel. A HAND TOWEL. This jumped the price of the room up to $125. There was a pretty big argument in the office (of which I wish I could give more detail but I was not present), but after telling everyone in the group what was going on someone found it in their bag and returned the towel to the hotel. In the end, things were starting to get a lil’ frustrating.

After the little episode at the hotel, our grumpy little group headed over to an all natural Italian place for lunch. It was here that one of our group members felt she should depart due to illness. I’m not going to name any names, but the fake blonde from Texas State decided she would go back home in a taxi. So Jake and Brandi (oops) headed out and the group was down to 5 members, all with insanely full stomachs. Earlier this morning we noticed a potential issue, but it wasn’t until we were walking from store to store that we realized carrying our bags all around town was a terrible idea. Especially Arizona Andy, he had all of his luggage with him, I mean it was bad enough that I had my laptop and some clothes, but he had a backpack and a pretty large duffle bag. BTW did I mention that the internet at the hotel didn’t work??? Ya, I was really really mad about that as well (just a little tangent). I mean, seriously??? We paid a pretty penny to stay at a nicer hotel and their stinking internet doesn’t work? We could have stayed at a cheap hostel or something and paid peanuts for internet. JERKS…Ok, so back to the luggage, we definitely walked all over town, sweating like crazy…carrying our bags. It totally sucked. It was all our fault, but it all sucked.

We finally found what looked like a pretty good surf shop so we rented some boards ($3 an hour) and headed down to the beach. First of all, there were a ton of surfers out there, so it was kind of difficult
finding a spot where we wouldn’t get in other peoples way. We found a spot that looked good, and were almost immediately joined by Tup and a couple of other people. Things started to look up, I had a surf board, more people were here to hangout and the waves looked sick. The only thing that concerned me was the fact that I had my backpack with my laptop sitting on the beach. How dumb was I to think that the Best Western in Tamarindo would have internet??? Way to go Watters.

So we got out on the water and rocked out all over those waves, and by rocked out I mean got owned. It was totally different from surfing 3 foot waves on a 10 foot board, totally different. It was crazy fun. No one got hurt, that is aside from everyone who chilled next to Tup because he kept sliding off his board and hitting people with it. I will say this, Tup and Dina totally owned those waves, I mean they did use their boards as flotation devices instead of riding them, but hey you gotta stay afloat right? At one point I took a break and decided to go sit on a beach chair within close proximity to our stuff. Within about 2 minutes a big Tico dude came up and told me the chair was for rent and it would only cost me 4 thousand collones (8 dollars) for me to rent it. I was so frustrated, I pulled a Harvey and told him something along the lines of, “Wow, you get people to pay that??? Have fun with your chair cause I’m not paying you.” I was simply frustrated because there really wasn’t anyone out around this time and the chair was just chilling, anyway I went and snagged a chair from one of my friends cause she actually rented some. I hope it made him mad. After that we spent quite a bit more time surfing around but eventually it came time to leave, so we went and turned in our boards. It just so happened that the board that Arizona Andy and I used had some damage near one of the fins. It really wasn’t much and the guy even agreed with us that it was most likely from the water, but he still had to charge us $15 to repair it. He’s simply going to seal it and it’ll take him like 5 minutes, but it was damaged because of lack of maintenance. This really didn’t help Tamarindo’s argument for a return visit. Arizona Andy is pretty decent with the Spanish and he knows surfing so he tried all he could, but the dude wouldn’t budge. He actually played the, “My boss will get mad at me” card so we really couldn’t do anything but pay it. Either way I wasn’t happy, I told him exactly how crooked I felt the town was and that I felt sorry for him cause he had to live there.

We took off in a taxi and didn’t look back, well I actually did cause I was hoping the big Tico wasn’t following me home to break my legs, but overall we, “didn’t look back.” We took the taxi over to the super market near the apartments that a lot of the students are staying at and continued a quest that I have yet to mention in my writings. Before introducing you to this ongoing quest I must inform you about my inability to eat chocolate ice cream. At this super market I totally bought a chocolate ice cream treat which was shaped like a donut on a stick (kind of like a nestle crunch wrapped around chocolate ice cream). It was off the chain. I decided I would make the donut hole look cool and take a bite out of the top to make it look like a U shape. Shortly thereafter the right side of the U fell off and I was left with half of an ice cream treat…idiot. I went back to my middle school days when everyone would laugh at the idiot who couldn’t eat his ice cream right, I mean why does everyone think it’s soooo easy to eat ice cream? For some people, eating ice cream doesn’t come naturally, ok???

Anyway, there has been a special mission / quest that The Dream Team has been on for the last 4 days. I had not yet felt at ease in mentioning it to you, but it has become an vital part of everyday. I introduce to you (please read the title of the quest in a loud booming voice preferably Sean Connery’s voice), “The Quest For The Golden Bond” if you are a man you will understand, if you are a woman (MOM) please don’t read about, “The Quest For The Golden Bond.” Let’s just say this, on trips such as this one, Gold Bond is a must. However, Costa Rica doesn’t have Gold Bond!!! What the heck man, really??? Seriously??? Honestly??? So inappropriate. To continue, we haven’t been able to find any, Flamingo? No. Santa Cruz? No. Tamarindo? No. Life is not complete without Gold Bond. I will keep you updated on, “The Quest For The Golden Bond” in later notes.

More stuff happened tonight, but you don’t really need to know, nor do you really want to…it’s boring. Such is life. Have a goodnight, day or morning…Stay thirsty my friends.

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