Costa Rica – Day 8

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The Dream Team had an interesting night last night and I felt compelled to share our night with you. First, let me explain the idea and concept of homestay to you. We pay the school for the homestay and the school pays the family for groceries and uh other troubles that may come with having two college students living with you as well. I may have introduced our Tica family to you in an earlier note, but our Tica Mama is Luz and our Tica Father’s name is Jonathon. At breakfast yesterday morning the awkward subject of laundry came up (seeing as I only had one shirt left I really had to bring it up). We spoke for a couple of minutes in extremely poor Spanish and Luz simply asked when we would like for her to do our laundry. It was then that I made a crucial mistake, I simply said, “It’s not necessary for you to do our laundry, we can do it because I really don’t want you to feel like you have to.” In the states my simple statement would have meant, “We really appreciate you doing our laundry, thank you very much.” Instead she took it as I didn’t want her to do my laundry at all and I repeatedly kicked myself as she showed us where the washing machine was. So last night we washed our clothes and hung them out to dry on the clothes lines so that they could dry over night (which they actually did). The only issue we had was the fact that we sand blasted all of our clothes. I heard all the kids were doing it these days so; I threw my shorts (which were covered in sand) in with all of our other clothes. I kind of just figured that the washing machine would know what to do with the sand and remove each grain piece by piece. Much to my dismay it happened to spread the sand throughout all of our laundry (thanks mom for showing me how to wash my clothes…). In the end it wasn’t a HUGE deal, but it was annoying having to brush sand off of everything.

Yesterday sucked. However, yesterday was yesterday and it’s in the past and today is a new day. Today is Friday and with the weekend ahead The Dream Team planned out a weekend of fun and headed out to Tamarindo (AKA Tamagringo). I’ll give you a little background on Tamarindo, it’s a town built on tourism (enough said?). From what we were told, Tamarindo is a town that has great surfing, really nice beaches, a hotel with AC / Internet / Nice Bar / TV and there was a Ladies Night on Friday nights (at the hotel). Sounds amazing, I was so stoked about the surfing and beaches, but the thing I was looking forward to the most was the AIR CONDITIONING!! We’ve been sleeping in the hottest room in the world, I mean we do have a fan that goes as fast as an airplanes engine, but all it does is spread around the hot air evenly. The group headed to Tamarindo included The Dream Team (of course), Bama, Dina, Brandi, Jake, and Andy. It’s always great having Brandi around, she’s a chica from Texas State who always seems to take the Ticos & Ticas attention away from my washboard abs. Jake is a chill dude from Texas State who is always down for chillin out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool, An’ all shootin some B-ball outside of the school, (Fresh Prince reference if you don’t know, stop reading…now). Andy is originally from Cali but goes to school at the University of Arizona, he’s a really cool cat for two main reasons: he’s got different colored eyes and he likes to play ball.

So the group was set, we took off after school and grabbed a taxi for the 20 minute trip to Tamarindo. We arrived in Tamarindo and headed straight for the Best Western to get a couple of rooms. After getting two rooms we set the AC on high and headed towards the shops and then the beach. The shops were exactly what you would expect in a tourist town, way over priced yet poorly made products. After cruising the shops we realized there wasn’t anything we wanted so we grabbed some drinks and headed to the beach. The beach itself wasn’t too bad and the waves were the best I had seen here in Costa Rica. There were tons of surfers on the water but most of them congregated right around the rocks, so I didn’t really want to swim out there anyway. It wasn’t really until later that I realized that they really were surfing right next to the rocks…like right there. I understand the whole idea of better waves crashing out there, but I also understand the idea of how bad it would be for a surfer to crash in to the rocks…idiots. I mean really, when the surfers walked on to the beach they must looked out on to the water and said, “Where’s the worst possible place for me to surf with the highest percentage of death or injury???” and picked the freaking rocks.

After swimming around for a bit we headed back to the hotel room to get cleaned up for ladies night at the Monkey Bar. We started the night off with a few Pina Coladas which just so happened to be the best mixed fruit drinks I have ever had in my life. Ladies Night was a little slow because at around 4 in the afternoon it started raining, and didn’t stop. It got pretty crazy and there were a ton of people that showed up it just so happened that most of those people were old white guys and prostitutes. Hmm. Luckily Dina and I had installed a fully functional Prostitutar (Radar which detects when a prostitute is in range). Dina spelled it out real well for me, I think she said, “Aaron, if a girl comes over and talks to you, and acts really interested in what you have to say, she’s a prostitute.” Funny thought, Dina is always really interested in what I have to say…hmm. I think I had more fun picking out which girls were prostitutes than anything else, but it wasn’t really hard. I did have quite a few odd moments however, I learned one thing, don’t make eye contact with a prostitute. As I was looking around I made eye contact with one chica like two passes in a row, I think I shook my head “no” so hard I almost fell in the pool.

On a positive note, I did have one of the best Philly Cheese Steaks I have ever had. It was pretty dang messy but all of the juice had soaked the bread and it tasted insanely good. It was so baller. We ended the night by pushing the two beds together (one double and on single) and throwing four of us on it. After a brief conversation in which we all apologized for talking in our sleep and snoring, we crashed out…in an air conditioned room. It was a good night, not amazing, but good.

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