Costa Rica – Day 6

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Wednesday June 4, 2009, AKA Day 6 in paradise. A lot of big things went on today, there was school, the boat trip, ladies night and USA vs. Costa Rica. First, we start with school, this morning we spent most of the 2nd hour talking about Cynthia’s (professor’s) “Principe Azul” or perfect man / prince charming. It was fun, slightly disturbing but fun none the less. We also talked about the typical age for marriage here in Costa Rica, it was during this conversation that we became a little uneasy. Professora Cynthia began talking about a girl that was her friend who got married at the age of 10…10! I was insanely creeped out by this conversation and we couldn’t believe that kids got married at the age of 10 here. I have friends (you) who are in their early 20’s and shouldn’t be getting married anytime soon. About fifteen minutes later we realized that Professora Cynthia was talking about engagement and that her friend was engaged for 10 years and the couple got a divorce 3 months after the wedding. That’s crazy too, but I was a lot more comfortable accepting that this was Professora Cynthia’s friend and not the girl who we thought had gotten married at the age of ten. We ended class with a very important bet with Professora Cynthia on the futbol game that night. If Costa Rica wins we got homework, and if the USA wins we don’t have to do homework. Simple enough and I love no homework.

After class we went over to the boat to start the evening off right. Everyone and their mom kept saying, “I’m on a boat” (Dear Mom, the lyrics “I’m on a boat” come from a rap song in which rappers are wearing “bling” and are on a yacht)and it really didn’t get too annoying until we actually stepped foot on the boat. There is one dude here named “Tup” from Thailand and it was totally cool when he said it because his accent made it sound more like, “I on Boat!” but like I said the rest of us gringos killed it quick. There were about 18 people on the 42 foot boat, and the crew provided Imperial beer, red and white wine, soda and water for us. After having my first drink I realized just how bad of an idea this was…free beer while we sailed for an hour to a small secluded beach and once we get to the beach everyone can hop in and swim around w/ snorkeling gear. Seems like a great idea to me…of course we had the 4 or 5 people that drank a ton but thank God we didn’t have anyone forget how to swim.

Snorkeling was really cool, aside from my goggles fogging up continuously I was able to see some pretty tight stuff. At one point I was totally surrounded by a school of small fish, being me, my mind immediately slipped to the thought that it would be crazy bad if these fish had somehow been cross bred with some kind of piranhas. Immediately after I had played out the whole piranha scenario in my head I chased away the fish. I no longer like the idea of swimming with a school of fish and am in fact now terrified of the whole idea. After doing everything in my power to scare away the little fish of death one of the guys (Michael from Philly) showed me a yellow fish that was darting around. It was a really cool fish, the bright yellow seemed so out of place in all of the blue. I was then made really happy because I got to watch Michael swim after the fish with his camera acting as a compass or rudder directing the path of his chase. The coolest thing I saw was one of the two things I didn’t want to see while snorkeling, as most of you know, I hate snakes…with a passion (thanks dad). So naturally I wanted nothing to do with any eels. I took a dive to look under a rock (great idea Watters) and found a pretty cool looking eel just chilling in a crevice. I immediately wanted to swim back and get inside the boat just to get away from this eel, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I mean I totally wasn’t scared or anything, not at all. Honestly though, part of it was because a fish swam next to the eel and just chilled…right in front of the eels’ face. I got really excited cause I thought I was about to see something from the Discovery Channel, I mean how could the eel NOT eat the fish? After 10 seconds of the fish taunting the eel the fish simply swam away, I was so disappointed.

After we left the beach and turned the boat back to Flamingo the sun started to go down and we had a perfect view of the sunset (I’ll post a pic w/ this note). The ride back was really relaxing, even though I kept watching to make sure certain people wouldn’t fall off the boat. The best conversation I had on the trip was at the very end when we were sailing under the moon. I got a chance to talk to my good friend Rachel, she lives in the Dallas area so you know I have to give her a hard time about everything in life. Rachel is very dark skinned and never has to worry about her tan or getting a sunburn. I decided I would take this opportunity to ask Rachel if she had any “Moonscreen” in her purse but she obviously didn’t have any cause she doesn’t have to deal with fair skin. For one reason or another Rachel had never heard of the ever common burning of the skin at night which had some to be called, “Moonburn.” Simply stated, the moon’s rays have been growing stronger every year and people with fair skin have been getting burned by the moon for the last 10 years. This “Moonburn” acts similar to Sunburn, but instead of the skin turning red it becomes white, got it? I played this up for around 6 or 7 minutes and got her to finally say, “I’m going to Google it.” So I laughed…a lot.

After the boat trip we headed out to a bar called “Las Brisas” for ladies night. As soon as we walked in to the bar we saw a girl from Texas State who is a Comm. Studies Major and met around 5 more Texas State students. We totally owned that place. After watching the USA lose to Costa Rica 3-1 we just chilled around and had a good time. There was a cool bonfire outside and a lot of dancing inside, and it was all right on the beach. The most difficult part of the night was trying to get a taxi back to Brasilito that wasn’t totally ripping us off. After denying the taxi that wanted 30 dollars for a ride (he was also double fisting drinks and couldn’t walk straight) we found a taxi that would take us back for 15. This taxi driver was drinking and driving as well, but you know how it goes, at least he could walk straight. We made it home around 2am and went straight to sleep; The Dream Team needed their 4 hours of beauty sleep for Thursday.

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