Costa Rica – Day 5

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 the first day of school has passed, and I’m feeling a whole lot more comfortable here. We woke up around 6:30 again (I am not going to get used to that) and took the bus to school around 7:30. We didn’t have enough room in the bus (van) so we made room, specifically meaning the BYX guys piled on top of each other. Hammer and DGB would be glad to know that it was not awkward at all to have Bama ride to school on my lap. Not awkward at all…for us BYX, I don’t know how the Germans took it though.

Class was much better today. I’m still struggling with comprehending what people are saying, but I think it’s a good way of showing me that I’m a terrible listener (even though I try really hard, depending on the person). I’m working on it. We did a little game of shrades and Cynthia (la profesora) made it a competition between the three of us guys. I jumped out to a huge lead, then realized that it wasn’t cool to win games like this so we all ended up tying. Either way, it was fun, and I felt like I actually knew some Spanish. I started the day out considering moving down a class and making it a little easier on myself, but by the end of the day I felt like I was in the right place. It wasn’t really hard to follow along anyway, I mean, we did spend 30 minutes talking about bears and explaining just how big bears are to our Professor. We also spent another 30 minutes talking about ladies night tomorrow night at the club and how us gringos were going to own the dance floor. We simply talked about things you would expect
to talk about in a Spanish class.

After class I had a small amount of fun learning how to salsa dance. I swear the teacher looked like a bunny rabbit with a lead weight tied around his feet. Don’t get me wrong, he was smooth, he definitely took his time in dancing with two girls at once, but still I just don’t get it. Anyway, this gringo can dance…a little. I showed one of the Ticas a little two stepping action, but aside from that I felt like a retarded rabbit with one leg. After about 45 minutes of lessons I felt ready to show the chicas how it’s done, but feelings and reality are two different things.

We caught a taxi after dance lessons and took it back to Brasilito (town we live in) and it was here that a few of The Dream Team’s friends departed. Upon our arrival in Brasilito we found a cool little restaurant just around the corner from the house we are staying at. The Dream Team decided we were hungry enough to eat before hitting the beach, so we ate with Rachel and K. The food was amazing. The cook / owner’s name is Miguel, he’s a baller. No menus, no problem. Miguel had fish or chicken with rice and beans as well as salad, cooked bananas, mashed potatoes and something else. Miguel also threw in juice for no extra cost. Miguel’s hole in the wall restaurant kicked the beans out of the expensive American place in Flamingo…for the same price. He gave us more food than we could handle for 7 dollars. Plus he kept asking us to try the different juices that he offered…for free. Bottom line: Miguel is a stud. We also decided to make a little bet with Miguel on the upcoming futbol game tomorrow between USA and Costa Rica (in Costa Rica). If Costa Rica wins we have to buy Miguel a pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. If the USA wins he will make us two hamburgers for free. I love hamburgers and Miguel can stinking cook, so I’m excited about eating one of those.

After lunch we all headed down to the beach and played some futbol as well as swam around a good bit. We got to see the first monkeys of the trip at one of the resorts. There were about 15 monkeys just chilling in a tree on the edge of the beach. I was so scared they were gonna throw poo at me, cause that’s exactly what I would do if I was a monkey. It didn’t really help that one of the members of the Texas State Crew started to throw rocks and branches at the monkeys as soon as he saw them (no names mentioned here). I also got a chance to get a little more sunburned, which isn’t really a good idea since I’m going to be on a boat all day tomorrow. So, ya, tomorrow about 25 of the students are going to be going on a boat with a buffet of beer and food, along with some snorkeling. Yes, it cost extra dinero. Tomorrow is going to be a long day because as I said earlier, tomorrow night is the futbol game. Tomorrow night is also Wednesday night, which just so happens to be ladies night here in Protrero. A pretty sizeable group of students are going to be at a bar called Las Brisas watching the game and dancing the night away. WORD.

Yet again, the night ended with The Dream Team having a beer at Outback Jack’s while doing the internet thing (sorry mom, I’m not good with taking pictures, I forget…).

PS. I also got to have a conversation with Luz’ nephew (14 years old) and he said they do use slang!! My initial assumptions were correct, the cool kids use, “perro” or dog, “mai” which is something cool but I don’t know what it is and “wey” which I know what it means but will not repeat. So, from here on out, it’s, “ya perro.”

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