Costa Rica – Day 4

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Monday, Day 4, the first day of school in Flamingo. Our “Mama Tica” woke The Dream Team up around 6:30 in the morning, ya, 6:30, some vacation eh? I got up and quickly jumped in and out of the cold shower (again, I’m not good with cold showers). We had an amazing breakfast and then headed out to catch the bus for school. At the bus stop we met a couple of guys from Cali and a woman from Canada. We were fortunate that the bus came just about 5 minutes after we got to the stop…sweet timing.

Upon arriving at the school we were all moved towards a small room and I felt like the employees were herding cattle, it was then I realized in that analogy I was the cow. We took a verbal and written test within the first 30 minutes of being on campus. The verbal test was cake, all of the simple questions you could expect to be asked, “What’s your name?” and, “How many years have you studied Spanish?” all in Spanish but still easy enough. After the tests we received a presentation and were then separated in to our classrooms with our teachers and other students. I was taken to a room upstairs that had two other guys and one teacher already working hard on that espanol. The other two guys names were, Trey and Andrew and they just so happened to be students at Texas State as well. Our teachers name is Cynthia, she talks way too fast, but it’s really easy to get her off topic. I think we talked about dancing for 45 minutes today, it fit right in with future perfect and irregular verbs. I quickly realized that I did WAY too well on the tests and I should have dumbed it down a bit cause I didn’t understand jack crap today. The other two guys have already been here for 2 weeks so they are rollin’ but I need a little while to catch up. Don’t worry Judy (Mom), I’ll get it.

After class we all headed over to an American restaurant and had lunch, it was too expensive, the food wasn’t really good, and they had Lakers bobblehead dolls, BUT it was on the beach, so it was tight. After lunch a group of us headed down to a beach about a 5 minute walk away from the school. We played coconut football and ultimate Frisbee for a while as well as swam around for a bit. It was a really cool beach and I had a ton of fun, although, I could have been back home at work…can’t say I miss it (sorry D). I was dumb and decided to leave my bathing suit at the house so I most definitely swam in my AE shorts and they were totally at my knees the whole time. It was great. I also have to throw this out there just for Bama…a group of us were in the water swimming around and talking and Bama eventually decided to join us. Soon the conversation drifts towards how clear the water is (it was awesome), Bama then got really excited and said, “Dude, we should totally go here!!!” We haven’t stopped reminding him that we were already there and it really wasn’t necessary for us to go there…anyway that’s why we love him (you’re a stud Bama).

After swimming and stuff we decided to hitchhike to the super market which was around 8 km from where the beach was. After taking a couple of vehicles we finally got there and started doing our thing at the super Mercado. I quickly realized some inconsistencies in the pricing. One of the main things I didn’t understand is that Jack Daniel’s in the states typically costs around 26-28 dollars, here it was $18, BUT Fruits Loops (which are usually between 3-4 dollars were around $5. That didn’t make me very happy. Well kind of, but not really. On our way back a couple of taxi drivers tried to charge us $20 for all of us to go 8km, I told them, “No way Jose” seriously…no really, I did. We eventually found a taxi that would take us for $8. We had the taxi drop The Dream Team off in Brasilito, but the rest of the crew had to keep driving cause they live 2km past Brasilito. It was only later that we found out the taxi dropped them off right after us and they had to walk…ha. I don’t feel bad at all. Not even a little bit.

Earlier today we found out our host family are Jehovah Witnesses. I was totally expecting the awkward religion talk at dinner. Have you ever had that odd moment before a meal when you normally pray and the other people around you either start digging in or simply pray on their own??? Ya, every meal muchachos, every meal. Anyway, dinner came and went without “the talk” and we’ll just have to play it by ear and wait in anticipation. Jehovah Witness or no Jehovah Witness Luz can cook like a madwoman. We also had a great conversation about slang and verbiage amongst friends. I think LJ and I use the phrase, “Ya dude” 1 every 2 minutes and sometimes 4 times in 30 seconds. I was hoping to learn some slang or verbiage that the “kids use” these days. I just wanna be cool with the Ticos and Ticas. She definitely thought the fact that some people call each other “dog” in America was hilarious. I have now begun to call her, “Perro” after everything. I wonder when it will start to offend her?

Again, we ended the long day with a beer at a new bar called “Outback Jacks” and did the whole internet thing. This bar was much nicer and had faster internet than the other place, I like it a lot more, even if the beer is more expensive. Hasta manana.

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