Costa Rica – Day 31

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Aaron Watters in Costa RicaThis morning I woke up feeling great, this is the first time I’ve been able to get a full night’s rest this whole week. Our first mission was to pry Gabe from the beautifully ensnaring hands of his “Amor” the Receptionist. Hours later we were able to get in the car and head out to Café Milagro which is a well known coffee house that has been in the area for over 15 years. Before getting there however we had to drive and pick someone up on the other end of town…just past the “Parking Security.” What a joke.

So we were driving and I turn the corner and immediately remembered that the Parking guys would be there. This time it seemed like they all had whistles and were blowing them inside my eardrum. It was seriously like a circus, I felt like everywhere I looked someone was trying to do a trick to get me to stop the car. The trick that worked the best was to simply stand in the middle of the road, so I kind of had to slow down. It was then that the main parking guy that we spoke to yesterday told me that I needed to park on the right hand side. I then replied with something along the lines of, “I’m not paying you guys for parking again, you’re ridiculous.” After seeing the disturbed look on his face I hit the gas and kindly drove past him, and the idiot slapped the window of our car 3 or 4 times to either get me to stop or just let me know he didn’t like what I said. I don’t care which one it was. It was soon after that I realized I was driving towards a U-turn in half a mile and I would have to drive past them again. Joy.

We went over to Café Milagro and had breakfast, I expected it to be amazing so I tried a bunch of different stuff. First off, I’m a bagel lover. You can give me a package of Cinnamon Raisin Bagels and Cream Cheese and I can live off of it for days (yet another reason I feel terribly unhealthy). Anyway I had one of their Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, and was sorely disappointed. I had half of a Croissant as well which was really good, but I wasn’t very hungry and sent the other half to my personal garbage disposal (aka. Bama). The drinks there were amazing, I’m not a coffee drinker, but I had an Espresso Shake that was stellar. Their fruit juice was pretty tight too.

What made the trip worth it however was listening to our boy Bama’s campaign speech. I really think he’s practiced it a lot; he’s not too happy with our Pres. Obama and has some not so kind words for him. If you ever have half an hour to give to charity I would say to throw it Bama’s way, you won’t regret it. Oh, and if you haven’t been told yet, Bama is running for President…of the United States of America. Once he gets the ball rolling I’m gonna video tape the whole thing for a new reality show titled, “O’BAMA.”

After leaving Café Milagro we checked out of the hostel, pulled Gabe away from his Amor one last time and hit the road.

So, on our way TO Manuel Antonio (Friday) we saw one cop clocking people’s speed and giving out tickets. People drive crazy down here, I’m talking really fast and pass on blind corners, and I know I’ve already mentioned this. Well, I averaged somewhere around 120kph for the whole trip, the speed limit was typically around 80kph and 40kph through towns. Do you realize how slow that is? It’s like, I don’t know…slow. There was one point where I had slammed the brakes and got all the way down to 90kph, as soon as I had slowed down to a “reasonable” speed some guy walked out of the brush pointed a radar gun at me and proceeded to walk in the middle of the road in front of me. He kindly pointed to the side of the road and asked me to pull over (with his hands). I had the natural reaction and started to move in to the left lane to drive around him, but there was a nice line of cars on that side of the road coming my way. So, I pulled over, and we all acted like we didn’t know any Spanish at all.

The problem with acting like we didn’t know any Spanish is the fact that we DID know English…and so did he. The cop actually spoke better English than anyone at the school here in Flamingo. Ownage. Not only did the cop clock me at 90kph in a 40kph zone, but someone in the back seat didn’t have a seat belt, and apparently Costa Rica just passed a Law stating that all passengers must wear seatbelts. Freak. I immediately knew what game I was about to play…Mr. Cop was going to show me how much everything is going to be then ask for a buyout for cheaper. Sure enough the cop asked me to step out of the car, got my passport, and then drew up the potential amount of money that I would have to pay if he gave me both tickets and I paid in court (with a 30 percent increase of course). I quickly realized that I was stuck in this stupid little game and ended up paying $40 for the ticket (even after I told him we didn’t have cash). I do still wonder what would have happened if I took the ticket and just neglected to pay it, but I didn’t like the idea of having a warrant out for my arrest in Costa Rica if I ever came back. Just something I didn’t want to leave to chance.

We also had a little fun with Bama because he decided to fall asleep in the car. We ended up slamming on the breaks and screaming as if we were about to get in to an accident. He woke up with an extremely puzzled look on his face and then said, “You didn’t get me.” But we so did.

The rest of the drive back was pretty boring because I couldn’t speed, but soon after a torrential downpour began and I could hardly see anyway. It was a pretty fun road trip and we made great time on the way back. When we arrived back at Flamingo we showed Gabe around town then took some new students out to eat at an amazingly over-priced restaurant. What a way to end / start a new week.

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