Costa Rica – Day 30

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30, really??? Crapsticks I’ve been here for a long time. Today is Saturday, our first and only full day in Manuel Antonio. I woke up in a terrible mood because I honestly didn’t wake up at all…I mean you can’t wake up if you don’t go to sleep, right?

As much trouble as I had sleeping last night it really didn’t seem to bother Bama one bit. The Dream Team and Gabe woke up around 7:30 and chilled around for a while, but it wasn’t until LJ woke Bama up around 9 that we got started. Let me take a minute to say this, Bama can sleep through anything. I have seen him fall asleep with the lights on (I am unable to do this), Fox News blaring, people laughing just outside the open door AND when multiple people walk through his room repeatedly. I think he could fall asleep if someone tied him to a bicycle and pulled him behind an 18 wheeler going 70 down the highway. I’ve mentioned I want to enter Bama in to eating contests before, but now I’m looking for sleeping contests as well. Goldmine! Ha.

Anyway, Bama woke up and we headed over to the local supermarket to get breakfast, agua and snack foods for the day. After eating candy bars and drinking soda (kidding…kind of) we left the super market and drove to the Manuel Antonio National Park which is 2.58K down the road. It was here that I began to get a little frustrated. When we got close we turned the corner and a guy in a vest with a whistle starts blowing his whistle at me and told me to park here. He made it seem like I couldn’t drive any further or anything and there was another guy with him that was wearing a Manuel Antonio National Park vest. So we park and the guy with the Park vest starts talking to me about pricing for a guide and how he recommended it and that we wouldn’t see any animals if we didn’t take a guide. It sounded great and all, but we didn’t have enough cash…like really didn’t have it on us (trying to pack light because of all the terror stories we had heard about people getting robbed).

After I told the guy we wouldn’t be taking a guide he walked away and we all got out. It was then that another guy came up to me and told me that it was 2, 000 collones to park there (approx. $4). I immediately replied, “It would have been nice for you to tell me that before we parked, wouldn’t it?” He of course didn’t respond but insisted it was 2k to park. I looked around at the guys with the vests and caught eye contact with one of them and all I read was that this guy was just trying to get money from me. I ran the scenario through my head a couple of times and realized that the best possible scenario was to pay the kid and walk away without saying anything else. I didn’t like the idea of getting huge scratches on the rental car or flat tires and stuff. Yes, I did ask one of the girls at a store and she said that it was illegal for them to do that and they shouldn’t be doing it, BUT she also said the best thing for me to do in that case is to pay him. Still, it’s stinking frustrating.

We headed over to the park, and ended up randomly meeting some friends that were at Flamingo two weeks before. It was perfect timing because they were just entering the park at the same time, so we walked all through the park with them. I’m glad we didn’t pay for a stinking guide because all we ended up doing was following another tour and their guide anyway. The first thing we saw was a pretty cool sloth chilling up in the tree scratching himself (living the good life). Shortly after that we saw a ton of monkeys chilling in some trees and jumping all around and stuff it was really cool. We also went around and saw some really cool views, went to three different beaches and hung out the whole afternoon out there. A couple of “quick hit stories” are as follow:

You know I hate snakes, I was making a lot of noise so that I didn’t see any but I did get pranked pretty good while walking around. A girl named Jesse was walking with us and I went over to the side of the road to look closer at a lizard…just when I got close to a bunch of brush she said, “Aaron look at that snake” and pointed close to my feet. I totally jumped up and ran to the middle of the road, it wasn’t for another 30 seconds that I realized I was punked. You are a terrible person Jesse.

Gabe did many “Merman” poses on some big rocks at one of the beaches.

I now understand where professional wrestling evolved from…monkeys. We watched about 4 different
monkeys wrestle with each other for about 5 minutes. The monkeys were flipping each other over their shoulders, jumping up in to trees and back down on top of each other and using headlocks. I swear professional wrestling got all of their moves from a cage full of monkeys (I mean where do you think they got the term “Cage Match” anyway?).

We got to hike for around 25 minutes listening to a group of young high school girls sing 99 bottles of coke on the wall. We first heard them at 82, and had the privilege of listening to the rest of the song. Yay.

LJ got stung by some sort of jellyfish on his hand. He took it like a grown man.

Bama decided to drag a stick behind him as he walked and it created a line behind him. Instinctively Gabe and I followed the line to a T. A couple of times Bama kept walking without realizing that the line stopped…and that we stopped with it. Thankfully Bama walked back and used the stick to continue the path he had created. Silly Hansel and Gretel, all they needed was a stick!

We often said, “Dude…that kid totally ate it!”

I sang the Titanic song more times than I ever have in my life.

We also randomly sang Michael Jackson songs while hiking (along with the rest of the world).

Manuel Antonio is sooo beautiful (understatement). It’s got the beach and mountains all rolled in one. There is nothing like watching stellar waves crash in to huge cliffs and stuffage. The trees were massive and ranged from Palm Trees to other big trees and some small trees as well (maybe I would have learned their names if we had paid for a guide). Regardless, this place is gorgeous.

After we left the park we made our way back to our safe and secure car that had NO ONE around it making sure that it was safe. Thankfully no one scratched it or anything, but I’m still mad about that $4. We went back to the hostel, cleaned up, grabbed some crappy pizza and chilled out at the hostel all night. The hostel seriously was a college scene, lots of beer, music and UNO. We most definitely played uno in Spanish with a group of Tico’s from San Jose and a couple of Swiss girls. It was a pretty good night just chilling around having a good time with some good friends. Overall the day was a success.

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