Costa Rica – Day 3

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The Dream Team arises from the mattresses provided in the hostel and catches the autobus. I mean hey, 8:30 is early when you can’t sleep from sheer excitement and exuberance provided by the stellar film, “Get Rich or Die Trying.” We had some of the best pineapple we have ever had along with some beans and rice provided by the nicest little Tico abuela in the world. After eating breakfast we hop on the autobus and make a little trip down the road to pick up Rachel and Michael. Rachel and Michael both attend a University in Dallas, they first met The Dream Team on the ride to the hostel from the airport. Rachel is a really cool chica and is a ton of fun to pick on. Rachel is very dark skinned which provides many opportunities for us to laugh at her because Ticos (locals) often start talking to her without realizing she knows ZERO Spanish. I love it. Michael is one of the worst people in the world. He reminds me a lot of Jose. He’s from Philly, and he loves any sports team from Philly…including the Eagles. If sports weren’t in the picture, Michael and I could be friends. In all seriousness Michael has an awesome sense of humor and is a totally cool guy to hangout with, we had some great talks on the way to Flamingo.

We left the hostel around 9:30 in the morning and stopped for lunch a little over halfway to Flamingo. The place we stopped at was pretty cool, there were about 15 parrots in the trees, but none of them seemed to know, “Polly want a cracker?” and this posed a problem for me. They were cool though, when they got scared and all flew at Rachel and Katy (a very cool 20 yr. old chica from Auburn). I’m telling you, parrots are scary, I mean what would you do if you had 10 brightly colored birds flying straight at your face? You could go colorblind. Jeez. When we were leaving the restaurant I experienced one of many awkward moments so far, the bus (large van) was parked right next to an SUV. As we all piled in to the bus my window was faced directly next to the drivers’ seat of the SUV. It was then that a moderately attractive woman decided to breast feed her child. Great. Awkward.

Much much later, we arrived at a tiny town called Brasalito 4 km south of Flamingo. It was in this small town that The Dream Teams’ family lived. The bus driver called and called the family, but was unable to reach them. So, we moved on. The Dream Team got a full view of the 3 different towns as the bus dropped different students off at their homes. The upside, we got to see a ton, the downside, we didn’t get to our families house till around 3pm. Around 3pm on Sunday afternoon The Dream Team was united with Luz, their Mama Tica (not to be confused with Tica mama). Luz is around 35 years old and has been married to her husband Jonathon for 1 year and two months. Luz is very good with speaking slow and knows a lot of English which made the transition process a lot easier. Even though she knows a lot of English, she forces The Dream Team to usa Espanol. She is a powerful force, and is one to be reckoned with. Jonathon arrived back home a couple of hours later getting home from a long 36 hours of work. Jonathon is a builder and seems to work a ton without many days off. Jonathon doesn’t know much English at all, but he is willing to learn. Conversation is a little odd around Jonathon, but Luz makes up for it by being super nice and helpful.

After a long conversation about when dinner would be, LJ and I walked down to the beach (about a 2 minute walk away from the house, suckers). When LJ and I got back to the house dinner was ready and the feast was on. Luz is an amazing cook…stellar…magnificent. We had a mixture of chicken, potatoes and carrots as well as rice and beans on the first night. I quickly learned the words cortes y descortes (polite and impolite) because I didn’t want to be impolite as I was pigging out. Bottom Line: food is good.

We ended our day with our first Costa Rican beer: Imperial. People say that Imperial is the best beer in Costa Rica, I concur. The bar around the corner (50 yards away) has wireless internet and good beer. I can’t ask for more…wait…ESPN, I can ask for ESPN, please!! Seriously, I need ESPN. No joke. Ayudame.

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