Costa Rica – Day 29 Part 2

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During this trip, there was a bridge. Underneath this bridge were Crocodiles, big nasty mean green people eating machine-like Crocodiles (they might have been gators, we don’t know). We ended up parking the car and walking above the mean crocs and watched them for a while. There were also a bunch of cowses eating grasses and tempting the crocses by being really close to the water. I kept trying to talk to the crocs and tell them to eat the cows but it never worked. Go figure. Trust me though, some of these crocs could have taken down those cows easily. I decided to invent a brilliant game that we could play involving the Crocodiles and we happened to take a video of us playing it. Please check my videos on Facebook sometime to see (leave some comments on Juanito’s stellar filming skills).

Well, we eventually got to the hostel that we were staying at and checked in with the receptionist (aka Gabes Amor). She kindly told us that our amazingly talented and really good looking friend named Gabe had been looking all over for us and was worried about us. We quickly took off, looking in all directions trying to find our good friend Gabe. We looked in the pool, in the rooms, in the bathrooms, in the internet room, in the bank, in the super market, in some restaurants and again with the receptionist because he had already mentioned how he was in love with her. No Gabe. So we took off in the car and drove around for a while, after driving up and down the main road multiple times Juanito caught a glimpse of him. He was walking with a group of friends and he quickly ran over to our car for some very long, awkward embraces. He hopped in the car and we went out for a bite to eat.

This is a total sidenote, but I feel that it’s important that I note just how far love goes. Gabe was in the hostel (before we arrived) and saw that Michael Jackson had died. What do you think his initial reaction was? That’s right, this a great conversation starter!!! So, Gabe most definitely used Michael Jackson’s death as an in to a conversation with the super cute receptionist. Way to be that guy Gabe.

The hostel life is interesting to say the least. There’s nothing like a bunch of college aged kids traveling the world with a low budget and high aspirations. Hostels are like the melting pots of society, there are so many people that show up at hostels from many different parts of the world speaking many different languages and believing many different things. The hostel lifestyle is one of openness and interest in other people. It’s also one that requires a person to NOT have any requirements on what they sleep on, how clean the thing they sleep on is, how dirty the showers are, whether or not there is food, noise level at night and air conditioning. I like the hostel lifestyle, this one was called the Backpacker’s Hostel. This hostel had really anything you needed and wasn’t too dirty, overall it was a great success.

Did I say success??? I needed a lot of sleep because I had a LONG week and very little sleep (outside of class that is). Well, last night (Friday night, I’m writing this a day later), the power decided to go off around 1 a.m. When the electricity went out the fans went out. It was DEATHLY hot in the hostel. I’m talking ridiculously hot, boiling temperature hot, I’m going to freak out and run away hot. This was not what I was thinking when I signed up for a hostel. I mean, the fans should at least work, right? I think this was the hottest I have ever been and what was worse is that I was sleeping in a pool of sweat…gross. Did I say sleeping??? I meant attempting to sleep…because I didn’t actually sleep. Oh well, I made it through…such is life.

I’m out, I got some sleepage to do…Until later mi amor.

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