Costa Rica – Day 29 Part 1

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Today is Friday, June 26 2009. This day marks the beginning of the road trip to Manuel Antonio to unite with the extremely talented and well-liked man known as Gabriel Hodge (Aka The Maroon). If you ever see Gabe on the “streets” please ask him what his high school mascot really was, I mean, what is a maroon???

After class an exceedingly sad ceremony was held at the Mariner. The Dream Teams good friends: Brandi, Jake, Michael, Katie and…I’m missing someone…crap…Rachel (how could I forget about “Moonscreen”) all left Flamingo. Exchanging of email addresses, false promises to hangout (with Rachel), sobbing and hugs of course were all divvied out accordingly. We’ve been with all of them for four weeks now, and I don’t know how The Dream Team will survive…wait…as Bama would say, “NEW STUDENT MONDAY!” Kidding. You will all be missed.

Anyway, our expedition to unite our fellowship of extremely good looking young men, all of which have a great sense of humor, intelligent and creative minds, incredibly sweet personalities and any other features you may find attractive…began. This is a BYX road trip for sure, Juanito (LJ), Bama and I are heading down to pick up that Guapo Chico named Gabe. I had already lined stuff up with the rental car place here in town so after we had said our goodbyes we left Flamingo and headed south for MA. Needless to say, before we got out of town I had already run over a cone in the street…things were looking good.

I do have to talk about driving in Costa Rica for a minute. Let me just say this…AWESOME. People drive so crazy here, it’s like everyone here has a death wish. Feeling suicidal??? Hop in the car and take a 5 minute drive! Seriously though, passing on a blind curve…check. Driving insanely fast through the middle of a town…check. Tailgate other cars until your front bumper is inside their trunk…check. We got a Hyundai Tucson which is like a little 4 Runner, the best part about it was that you could downshift and stuff…so I did. After almost killing us a couple of times at the beginning of the trip I got the hang of Costa Rica driving and we were off.

So, I kind of had a mental block today just thinking about things and that may or may not have led to use getting “sidetracked” a couple of times. We simply did some U-turns. I found out the best way to make sure you know you’re going the right way is to check the road signs on the opposite side of the road. If the town you’re looking for is on any of those road signs…better pull a U-turn. There was one time that a little detour made us feel a lot better. We had just pulled a U-turn and were headed back the other way when we saw two kids (late teens) riding bikes right next to the road. All three of us were watching these kids when the second one swerved left, then put his weight on the right side of the bike and then all slow motion-like face planted while going full speed. It was awesome!!! He quickly spun around and off the road but you know that kid got jacked up. Our line for the day quickly became, “Dude, that kid totally ate it!”

So if you didn’t know, Michael Jackson died yesterday. It’s been a sad couple of days, but the bright side has been that all of the radio stations down here have been playing tributes all day. Let me just say…It’s been a fun road trip, and my Michael Jackson voice is getting better. The only thing that sucked was that some of these radio stations only played the remixes, and some of the remixes don’t have any vocals…how rude.

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