Costa Rica – Day 23

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Is it bad that I’m missing my carpet (yes I lay on my carpet…a lot) and air conditioning more than driving my car or having a washer and dryer?

This blog may be a little scatter brained seeing as I’m watching the movie Happy Feet at the same time…don’t hate.

So we woke up at 6 this morning, and we were supposed to be in Flamingo (~6 KM away) by 7 to meet the Captain of the fishing boat. A couple of interesting facts about traveling here: 1. We don’t have a car. 2. It’s way too far to walk. 3. We don’t have a car. So we were expecting to snag a taxi in the morning from Brasilito to Flamingo, no problem. Ok, my bad…BIG PROBLEM. When The Dream Team hit up the plaza in Brasilito they were alone. That’s right, no taxi in sight. So, we did what anyone else would do, “Speed Walked.”

As we “Speed Walked” our way to Flamingo we tried our best to hitchhike, however for some unknown reason no one wanted to pick us up. In fact, we were walking and passed one Tica, shortly after we passed her, a car pulled up and she did the whole thumb thing so the car stopped and she got in. After she got in, the car got back on the road and drove by us, we did the whole thumb thing and the guy kept driving. However, about 20 yards down the road a Tico did the whole thumb thing and the car picked him up too. The guy totally went around us…harshness.

We had 20 minutes left to get to Flamingo and still had about a 40 minute walk ahead of us. We looked at each other and simply said, that we weren’t gonna make it and started discussing the odd on if they would wait for us. It was soon after this that a public bus tore down the road. It felt like our knight in a shining seat belt had come to our rescue, but you gotta understand that these buses aren’t the easiest to stop. Anytime a vehicle gets a straight road they put the pedal to the medal. Fortunately enough for us I waved my hat frantically and LJ showed some leg…so he totally picked us up. Wicked Awesome.

We had a group of 5 on the fishing trip, it was The Dream Team, Sam, Toby and Daniel. I’ve already introduced Daniel and Sam to you, but I got to introduce Toby. He’s a totally cool German dude…from Germany. He’s traveled quite a bit and is going to be living in Spain for a couple of years after Costa Rica. Toby ran point in leading the fishing trip. Funny story, instead of going with a company we ended up going with a couple of guys that Toby and Daniel met at a Belgian Bar. They sounded pretty dang confident and only wanted half of what the other companies wanted…so why wouldn’t we go with them?
So we had four of our five people show up at the restaurant at 7, we were missing Sam. After waiting for about 10 minutes we ended up driving over to the dock in a ghetto Thundercats Jeep. It was during this drive that we saw an extremely white guy running on the beach…it was totally Sam. So we got to the really small boat (we thought it was gonna be much bigger), and began our search for Sailfish.

When we were on the boat I found out that Daniel actually had a lot of experience with deep sea fishing. He and the Captain started chatting it up and we quickly realized that the Captain didn’t know as much as we expected. Needless to say we didn’t catch anything worth talking about, we got some bait fish, but that’s about it. In fact, our lines got tangled more times than we got bites. After we got back I talked to a local Tico that basically told me that those two guys didn’t know what they were doing and had no clue of where the fish were. Another fun fact, the guy who told us that he owned the boat was actually the boat hand. Ha. Ok not that funny.

Some positives that came out of the Boat Ride (I refuse to call it a fishing trip), we saw a ton of Porpoises, a lot of Sea Snakes and a couple of Marlin in the water. The water was so clear, when the Porpoises got close to the boat we could see them clearly from 20 meters down. The Boat Ride was really fun and I got a really awkward sunburn on the stomach and some Raccoon Eyes (sunglasses tan) to go with it. We saw some pretty cool islands and cruised around the Catalina’s a little bit, but the more Daniel and the Captain talked the more anxious the Captain was and the more he wanted to get rid of us. We got back on shore about 7 hours later, so we were out for a good while. I don’t regret doing it one bit, even if the Captain wasn’t too knowledgeable and if his boat hand (who thought he owned the baot) only worked so he could drink more. It was a long, tiring day, and I’m looking forward to surfing tomorrow.

Hasta La Pasta.

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