Costa Rica – Day 22

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Sea Kayak in Costa RicaThe end of our third week of class…it’s all downhill from here. Today’s class was really cool, The Dream Team was fully prepared because we actually studied last night! Xiomara seemed to really enjoy our company today and we realized that she actually did like us…I mean me. We already knew she liked LJ and Daniel, but the verdict was still out on whether she liked me. Although now that I think about it I did do my best to make her hate me today…this morning I decided that the song I would get stuck in everyone’s head was “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. So, at every awkward silence I would sing out the word, “Thriller” in an extremely annoying high-pitched voice which happened to be RIGHT ON KEY. If anyone tells you different…they’re wrong. We also found out that Xiomara knew English really well because she’s a laywer and Daniel started spitting off some problems we were having with a guy about a fishing trip. Moral of the story is she understood and gave us advice…in Spanish. I think I’m gonna miss all of the crazy glares she gives me.

After class The Dream Team went to a restaurant near the top of Flamingo, apparently Brandi, Jake and Rene’s teacher said it was great. So we took a group of 7 to this “Highly-recommended Restaurant” and the people that went were: The Dream Team, Rene, Emilie, Rachel, Brandi and Jake. The first thing we noticed when we got there was that the view was cool to the 9th degree. You could see the whole Flamingo Marina and Bay area from the patio, it was quite impressive. We all sat down, ordered and waited for our food. After that we waited some more. After around an hour of waiting we continued waiting. And then we did some more…waiting. I think the comment that we kept making was, “Wow, I’m really glad we enjoy each others’ company because if we didn’t, this would not be fun.”

So after around an hour and forty-five minutes we finally got our food. At this point, we knew they spent so much time preparing our food that it HAD to be great. It wasn’t. LJ ordered nachos, after attempting to bite in to a chip, he promptly returned them and said, “This is ridiculous, I can’t even eat these, they are impossible to chew!” The insanely rude waiter then said, “Ok.” and took them back to the kitchen. He didn’t offer anything to make LJ happy, he simply just said OK. My quesadillas were pretty good, but they definitely weren’t worth the price I paid or the time I waited. It actually got ridiculous when we were ready to go (approximately two and a half hours after we got to the restaurant) we couldn’t find the waiter so that we could pay. Eventually he brought us the bill and KINDLY dropped it on the table in front of me. I kindly asked him if he could separate it for us because we weren’t all together. He then replied, “No I can’t, how was I supposed to know you wanted it separate?” and then walked away. It was then that the beautiful Rene pulled out a pad and a pen so that we could separate everyone’s tabs. After we got all of the money separated properly it took about another 10 minutes for us to find the waiter again. One of the worst meals ever, but at least we enjoyed each other’s company.

Later that evening we realized the restaurant we ate at wasn’t really the right restaurant anyway…we turned in the wrong driveway. Gross.

After lunch The Dream Team headed back to the school to surf the internet, study some Spanish and play some ping pong.

Later on we headed out to Protrero for a bonfire on the beach (it was some dude’s birthday). When the time for the bonfire came so did the rain. It rained hard for the rest of the night, so we eventually took a taxi back home around 9:30 and crashed hard. We got a long day of fishing tomorrow…night people.

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