Costa Rica – Day 21

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Brasilito Beach, <script type='text/javascript' src='' srcset= Costa Rica” width=”440″ height=”200″ />It’s Thursday, this week has FLOWN by stinking fast. We’re already halfway through our trip and that makes me sad. Today was a pretty chill day, we’ve been insanely active the past couple of days. The Dream Team decided that we would just go out to eat after class and hangout in the library this afternoon to study and use the Internet.

Class was pretty interesting today. I think I’ve finally broke Xiomara, she totally loves us. I didn’t do all of my homework last night (I did half) and she let me finish it during class. It made it better that the other two guys didn’t do all of the homework either, but I was pretty far behind. We spent quite a while talking about our favorite restaurants in the area and she even drew a map for us. We informed her of some restaurants that she didn’t know of and she seemed content. The real fun happened when we played 100 questions. She simply asked us each a question and kept points while we went along, I was terrible. My brain didn’t work, but it sucked anyway because she kept giving LJ points, he’s such a teacher’s pet.

I also gave her some really good sentences using the verbs we were practicing. I was supposed to use the verb communicar so my sentence was, “Yo communiqué con las extraterrisstas dos anos pasado.” This was supposed to say I communicated with extra terrestrials two years ago. She seemed to keep a couple more feet of distance between us after that. I also had what I thought was a great sentence when using the verb construir, “Yo construi un piramide in Egypt dos anos pasado.” That sentence was supposed to mean I built a pyramid in Egypt 2 years ago. Apparently I did a lot two years ago, but she didn’t really believe me. Both of these statements received really long glares, BUT they both ended in laughs, so that makes it ok, right?

After class The Dream Team met up with a couple friends and set up a fishing trip for Saturday afternoon, 6 hours of fishing. The guy said we should have a chance to catch some Marlin, which would be insane. Don’t tell any of the guys, but I really hope we get to throw it back; killing a huge fish like that just might make me cry. Either way, tears or no tears, it’s going to be off the hook (pun intended).

I got to speak to my lovely sister this afternoon. She has a dripper for morphine and is really out of it so I only got to talk to her for a couple of minutes. I really couldn’t hear a word she said, so I played the typical “Aaron card” and started asking her if her doctor was cute because if he was I would beat him up. I also started talking to her in Spanish using the words I know best, “Si and No” that was about all I said. It hurt talking to her because I could tell how out if it she was, she honestly couldn’t make more than a light muzzled noise. I couldn’t help but picture her in that hospital bed in ICU. It pretty much tore me apart. My mom got on the phone afterwards and told me that she didn’t know what I said, and Emily probably didn’t know what I said, but it made her smile so it must have been good. Hearing my mom say that gave my heart the feeling of Hydrogen Peroxide on an open wound, it’s soo good but it’s soo bad. It’s hard for me to not picture my sister smiling, and it’s a terrible thought to dwell on, yet knowing that I made her smile meant the world to me.

Anyway kids, that’s all I got tonight. Keep on keepin’ on.

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