Costa Rica – Day 20

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Wednesdays seem to always be busy, today is going to be stinking amazing.

I have yet to introduce a couple of extremely important students that have been very influential in our lives the last couple of days. Renee and Emilie are French Canadians from Quebec, Renee is Emilie’s mom and Emilie is Renee’s daughter…they’re related. Well Renee played a major hand in getting The Dream Team to take another boat trip. We went two weeks ago and decided to skip a week, and after a stellar offer from Renee we found ourselves on another sensational boat trip (Thanks Renee). This boat trip was much better than the first one for many reasons. The first reason this trip was better than the others was that it was a boat specifically only for our group of 9 people. It was like a family trip. The boat was a lot better, I don’t know how to explain it in “Boatese” but let’s just say it was a lot nicer. This boat had whiskey. The water was much clearer for snorkeling too, I got to chase an eel around, and it was stinking tight. Instead of schools of small fish, we found some schools of big fish so I ended up trying to swim with the big fishies, but they were too fast and wouldn’t let me get in between them.

Wednesday night usually means one thing, “Ladies Night in Las Brisas!” but after recent events we’ve begun to realize that Las Brisas isn’t the safest place to be. It’s actually probably the most dangerous place to be on Wednesday nights. So instead of going to Las Brisas, we went to Las Renee’s! Renee and Emilie have a gorgeous little town house in Protrero and she invited a bunch of us out there for drinks and stuffage. It was a really fun time; we all just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. I’m hoping we have another Las Rene’s next week for sure.

On the serious side of things, today was a great day to be busy because I was able to keep my mind of off the fact that my sister had a 7 and a half hour operation today. They ended up taking out the top half of her left lung because she had a tumor. I was able to talk to my mom earlier and she said that everything went well, but she wasn’t able to visit with my sister because she was knocked out. Thank you for your prayers, The Lord is growing us all through this experience and my sister has been a total trooper. All through High School Cross Country there was one characteristic of runners from our family, we weren’t the most talented, but we had the heart and determination. Emily’s got everything she needs to come out of this in great shape. Love ya kid.

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