Costa Rica – Day 2

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Saturday May 30th, The Dream Team joined up with Jake and Brandi (also from Texas State) and went to see a park just outside of the city San Jose. This park supposedly contained the 4 different climate zones in Costa Rica and “supposedly” had many animals that live in those environments (kind of like a zoo). So, we went, and were greatly disappointed. I think the best part was watching ants carry huge leaves up to their tree, and as big as they were, I’m sure they didn’t bite like a fire ant. Anyway, let’s not focus on the disappointment; we also went to a bank in the city of Heredia. It was there that the torrential downpour began…I haven’t seen it rain like that in quite a while. It was most definitely raining cats and dogs, so we did the most natural thing for a group of Americans to do…we went to McDonalds. Some of the best things in life are universal; one of those things is “Big Mac.”

The taxi drivers here are pretty baller, I felt like I was in the movie “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift” this one taxi driver was all over the place. We most definitely drifted around a corner at around 30 mph even though it had a stop sign. These guys have NO speed limit. If the car can get that fast…we’re going there. Seriously, anytime a driver sees an opening in the road it’s go time, pedal to the metal. The horn is the most used sound-maker in the country. I’m telling you, these people use the horn more than they talk. People in the road? Honk the horn. People 25 yards away from the road? Honk the horn. People safely inside a store? Honk the horn. See a friend? See an enemy? See a gringo or bonita chica? HONK THE FREAKING HORN. Don’t worry, it’s totally not annoying whatsoever.

We ended our Saturday in Heredia with a pleasant viewing of “Get Rich or Die Trying” back at the hostel. As much as I hate 50 Cent, he does a great job acting as…50 Cent. He really seemed to know his role well and showed great emotion while getting the crap kicked out of him in the uncensored shower scene. All I got to say is, yes some rappers have had a rough life, but no I don’t like your music/jams/beats. While watching that great flick I saw one of the most amazing lightning storms in my life. Ok, maybe not storm, but lightning strike. I definitely saw the sky light up in bright fluorescent blue with one lightning bolt. It was incredible. The beauty of it made me run outside and I totally didn’t trip on one of the steps, not at all. I sat outside for another ten minutes waiting for it to happen again, but never saw anything. Maybe this would be a good time to write about how I saw a UFO in Costa Rica and justify it with many extremely poor statements.

In the morning we are headed out to Flamingo Beach (the place we’re actually having school), it’s a 5 hour bus ride. I’m pumped, but The Dream Team apparently doesn’t have a watch. One of the members doesn’t want to cover up an insanely awesome tattoo and the other member isn’t constrained by time…except for in Costa Rica. Hopefully we’ll be able to wake up en la manana. Hasta la pasta.

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