Costa Rica – Day 19

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Life is good: I’m not at home, I’m not in an office and I’m not in a classroom. Well, ok the last part isn’t true, class is not fun this week. There have been a couple of fun parts, but overall I don’t think Xiomara is really appreciating my sense of humor. I thought this was a gift and I was supposed to share it??? Either way, she really enjoys glaring at me after I make a stupid joke or give a stupid example, so I’m doing my best to make her laugh AFTER the glare.

One fun thing we did in class was each of us took turns drawing pictures of our future girlfriends or boyfriend (in her case) on the white board. I kept bugging her so she finally gave in. Apparently our professoras future boyfriend is a white guy who is about 5 foot 8 and looks exactly like LJ…that’s weird. I gave my future gf a ton of weight to throw around as well as hair down to her knees. I think her biceps were bigger than LJ’s head in his picture. Let’s just say my future gf doesn’t mess around, she’s all business.

The Dream Team also started a fun game today, it doesn’t have a name yet, but I think the name, “Sing Random Songs During Awkward Silences” has a nice ring to it. The game is pretty simple, whenever there is an awkward silence, sing an awkward song. It’s great, today we started humming a little tune that Peter Griffin does repeatedly in an episode of Family Guy. Peter goes back in time to save his relationship with Lois, but he repeatedly ends up getting distracted in a club and dances a lot. I’m hoping to attach the link to this note…it’s life changing.

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