Costa Rica – Day 16 Part 2

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We headed out to the volcano around 3:30 in the afternoon for an hour and a half long hike. I realized we were in the rain forest when…it started pouring. Many other people had rain coats or ponchos and umbrellas, and I had a t-shirt and a bandana. I think I used Rachel’s towel for about 20 minutes but aside from that I was having a great time…wasn’t miserable at all. We saw a white hawk, a white owl, heard some white monkeys and a lot of white people. One thing that was pretty cool was when the guide showed us this flower called something like a, “Rattlesnake Flower” or something. Anyway, when he shook the flower a ton of water came out, it was like the petals were used like funnels. It was a really awesome flower. WAS. One of the girls who was on the tour with us decided she wanted to take the flower home, and hacked it to bits trying to pick it. I watched a beautiful flower get murdered today, it was not pretty. I have tagged this girl from Arkansas in this note, if you would like to give her a hard time, please do.

Our guide stopped us on the west side of the volcano and told us to take a look at all of the black rock. It wasn’t too hard to tell that at some point the volcano had erupted here and this was simply the remains. It was then that our guide started talking about how a small town used to be there and when the volcano erupted in 1968 everyone in that town was killed. He told us that the volcano had erupted from it’s side and the only real warning that they may have had was an earthquake a year or two before the eruption. It was a very serious moment and this was obviously a time to respect the people who had died in the eruption…it was in this moment that Bama decided he should pay his respects by yelling, “Hasta La Vista!” (Awkward laugh inserted here).

After we were done with the hike we got in the van to drive to the south side of the volcano so that we could see some lava action at night. When we got to the place we got out and walked down a river bed to get a closer look. The mosquitoes sucked (pun intended), but our focus was completely on the volcano. Eventually we saw some reddish orange rocks jump off the volcano and bounce down the side of it. This was not the molten lava which is known to run like a river, but this lava actually looks more like a boulder rolling down a hill and every time it hits it breaks up in to many different pieces (kind of like a firework). It was definitely a sight to see and was something I had never seen before…it was totally worth it.

Side note, while watching the lava, Dina decided to talk to the much much older tour guide. The tour guide took this as a sign for him to invite himself to wherever we were going afterwards. Dina ignored all three of his invitations.

After we were done watching the lava we headed over to Baldi which is a place with 28 hot springs, waterfalls and some dangerous water slides (story to come later). As we were leaving the lava watching place, Bama decided he would open his window, stick his head out and yell, “Lava!” in an extremely awkward voice at the 30-40 people standing on the road. Yay Bama. I think everyone laughed the whole way to Baldi.

The first thing we did when we got to Baldi was hit up the buffet. I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t the best, but can you pass up a buffet? I didn’t think so. After dinner we got the bathing suits on and hit up the hot springs. I got separated from the group and had to go track them down, but I eventually found them. The problem was they told me that I had to get in to a different pool first, so without thinking I got right in. Idiot. They definitely told me to get in to one of the hottest pools that Baldi had. It hurt bad, I mean real bad, but it felt sooo good. BUT I had to clean my shorts somehow, right? So we chilled around the pools for a couple of hours, talked to some people and then about 30 minutes before the place closed we found…the slides. There was one slide that was crazy dangerous, I seriously think the guys that designed it were drunk on the job. Right at the end of the slide it drops hard and you totally get airborne, and once you land it shoots you out in to the water. The first time I went I almost hit my head on the top of the slide and had to use my hands to push off of the top to make the landing less painful. Rachel and LJ seemed to have a harder time. Rachel ended up slamming the back of her head on the slide when she landed, and she looked like she could have had a mild concussion. I saw her come up out of the water and then go back down, so we were able to help her out, but she’s one tough chica and fought through it. LJ had a different problem. Let’s just say he might not be having children anytime soon. Someone decided he wouldn’t keep his legs together when he hit the water. Hmm. As we say in Spanish…terrible.

We got back to the hotel around 10pm and hung out outside with some tasty beverages (radio edit) and new friends. Our little party got started quite nicely when Karl decided that he would show us Americans how French Canadians drink beer…through their nose. Ya, he totally snorted some beer, shortly after he dropped his 40 and it broke all over the place. No snorting beer for this Texan thank you very much. We just kind of hung out the rest of the night and enjoyed everybody’s company (some more than others). This is the night that I get to share a bed with Tup…PURA VIDA.

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