Costa Rica – Day 13

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After class we went over to the Monkey Bar and had lunch. The Monkey Bar is a cool little joint with a great atmosphere, but for one reason or another, they feed iguanas at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. So, you end up eating with iguanas at your feet. Gross. I HATE reptiles. HATE. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this before, but I’m going to have to explain some things about my past.

When I was a young lad, my father decided to ruin my life. When it came to ruining my life he had the last half of the Snickers candy bar slogan stuck in his mind, “Why Wait? (MOM…the Snickers true slogan is, “Hungry, Why Wait?”). He took me to the snake farm in the New Braunfels area of highway 281 with my Uncle Rick. Well, first off I don’t know what the crap they were doing taking a kid in to a snake farm, and secondly, MOM WHERE WERE YOU??? I’m not bitter, really I’m not, and I totally don’t hold on to things. Upon reaching the Python Pit my father and his brother decided the 3 year old kid wanted a front row seat! They each grabbed one of my ankles and held me over the edge, I must have been yelling something along the lines of “Lower daddy, lower!!!” because they also decided to get me as close as humanly possible! I was so lucky, I should have gotten a gold star (and a set of new parents). I think they eventually got tired of hearing me scream, because they finally pulled me back up out of the pit and took me to the car which is where I stayed, crying, for many days and nights. A couple of weeks later my dad bought me a jungle poster from the zoo and put it right next to my bed, it was a cool poster, but the HUGE PYTHON IN THE MIDDLE KEPT ME AWAKE AT NIGHT. I couldn’t sleep with my back to the wall yet I couldn’t sleep looking at the poster either. Can you imagine my dreams as a child? I love you dad, somehow, someway, I do.

Anyway, I survived the iguanas around my feet while I was eating even though LJ kept trying to get them to come closer. I think it was his way of getting back at me for singing so much in the mornings.

Earlier this week a woman named Susan from Colorado Springs invited The Dream Team to go Kayaking with her and her son Corey (about 14 years old). Susan is a really cool lady that we met back at the hostel in Heredia, she’s insanely funny to watch interact with people, but at the same time is one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met. We set the date for today because we really didn’t want to go on the “Booze Cruise” again (until next week), and thought it would be better to get away from the big group anyway. The people working there told us there was an island that we could go to and swim on the beach out there. I think the only advice they had for us was to have fun and be back on time, even though we soon learned that Susan and Corey had never kayaked before. So, we took off, with Corey and me sharing one kayak and LJ with Susan.

Have you ever been on the water when a fish jumps? It seems to happen a lot, but they always jump where you’re not looking. You typically hear the splash of the fish re-entering the water before you can even see it. As we were paddling a pretty sizeable Devil Ray jumped out of the water right in our line of sight. It was so cool, that thing got some major air. We eventually made it to the island and found crystal clear water, Corey had a pair of goggles that he passed around so we could chase the fishies (spellcheck is telling me fishies isn’t a word…that’s odd isn’t it plural for fish?). The fishies were stellar and it was a ton of fun swimming around and trying to catch them. After swimming around, we did something I’m not totally proud of, but will tell you anyway. We…uh…searched for seashells. I would like to take this time to say these seashells were really cool, and it uh, takes a real man to gather seashells??? Can I play it off by saying I got them for my sister?

Corey and I ended our kayaking trip by playing a nice game of “would you ever?” for the last 10 minutes. This was a great game in which Corey would come up with a scenario and then try to list a dollar amount that I would do it for. I believe the scenarios ranged from swimming a mile for $1, 000 (which I would do in a heartbeat) to swimming 20 yards in shark infested water with a bloody leg for $1, 000, 000, 000 (which I specifically stated I would only do if he promised my family would get the money if I was Killed In Action). Overall, it was a great time and we tagged it as an experience that we probably won’t get to do again…RIGHTEOUS.

After kayaking, we hit up the Tica Casa (our homestay), got some dinner and headed out to ladies night in Las Brisas. The Dream Team had an awesome night in Las Brisas and decided to leave around 12 so that we could enjoy Thursday…BRILLIANT! It was another stellar day and night in the CR (Costa Rica), please don’t feel sorry for me whatsoever.

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