Costa Rica – Day 12

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After our epic failure of a voyage to Santa Cruz we decided to give the whole “shopping trip” another try. How stupid can we get? Well, instead of going to a crappy little Mexican town in Costa Rica we decided to go to Liberia. For starters, Liberia is actually a real town with a lot of shops…AND a McDonalds. That’s all you need to know. If you remember my blog from last week, our main two objectives were to get shoes for Bama and eat at a McDonalds. The whole trip to Santa Cruz sucked.

Not only were we excited, but somehow, someway we talked 4 other people in to coming along as well. Our final group included 8 people: The Dream Team, Bama, Dina, Mike, Brandi, Rachel and Jamie. Jamie is the only person yet to be introduced, she is a pretty cool chick who just graduated from Texas Tech and is hoping to become a teacher in the near future.

Let me take some time to list out our objectives for the day:
1. Shoes for Bama
2. “Beach proof” camera for Brandi (her camera got swept away by the ocean yesterday)
4. Football (Americano)
5. Ping Pong Balls

The plan was to catch the public bus (2 hour ride) to Liberia at noon. Initial problem…class doesn’t get out until noon. Since most of us need credit for school they are EXTREMELY strict when it comes to leaving class early, apparently if we miss 5 minutes of class time here we have to go to class for another 30 minutes to make up for it.

It was during our morning break that I was informed of two key things: 1. Everyone had asked their teachers to get out early and all professors had said yes (we knew we would get chewed out later though) 2. Bama’s mom (my new facebook friend) decided to send her son some shoes, so Objective 1 could be crossed off the list. Both of these tidbits of information made me happy especially the shoes thing because we don’t really want to hear him mention his need for shoes again…ever.

So, we got out of class 5 minutes early and headed over to the bus stop, and no more than 2 minutes later the bus for Liberia had arrived. I started to get on the bus, but something just didn’t feel right. I felt like a part of me was missing, as if my rollerblades weren’t strapped on tight enough or my mom didn’t put my lunchbox in my backpack. It was then that one word came in to my mind…STALL. It seems that the other half of The Dream Team wasn’t at the bus stop. I finally stepped on to the bus after I decided that I had stalled enough (rummaging through my backpack, tying my shoes and checked the air pressure on the tires of the bus) and simultaneously I saw LJ run around the corner with a little Alfalfa thing going on with his hair. It was like a scene from a movie where one person is leaving on a train and the person they’re looking for approaches at the last moment possible. The only difference here was that LJ wasn’t trying to get to me; he was simply trying to get some McDonalds. Bottom Line: we all made it on the bus.

The bus ride ended up being around 2 hours long and wasn’t nearly as bad as the ride to Santa Cruz, in fact it was actually pleasant, we even had some intelligent conversations (mostly about South Park vs. Family Guy). Please note that Family Guy is much better, witty writing without all the language…ownage. When we pulled in to Liberia we started to see real buildings appear, and we suddenly realized that we weren’t in that crappy little Mexican town in Costa Rica anymore. The trip was going insanely well already and just to top it off we actually saw the McDonald’s right before we got to the bus station…bonus!

As soon as the bus stopped Dina jumped out and started running towards the Golden Arches, it was creepishly similar to LJ running towards me…I mean the bus. We arrived at McDonald’s shortly after we caught up to Dina (sorry D) and we immediately became kids in a candy store. Wanna know something awesome? This McDonald’s opened 2 weeks ago, so they had just enough time to prepare for the gringos. The food was great, everything tasted as it should, the only difference I noticed was that they used real lettuce down here instead of that fake junk you get back home. It was odd, but totally appreciated. All I gotta say about my Big Mac is the Big Mac sauce just so happens to be universally awesome. If you know Bama then you know that the kid can eat. I think he and I are going to go in to business together; I’m going to enter him in to numerous eating contests and split the winnings 70-30 (I need management fees). He’s totally going to be the Jordan of eating contests. We could win the county fair pie eating contests every year hands down, and you know what you get for winning those? Uh…me either, but still, winning is winning. Love ya Bama.

After McDonald’s everybody went over to a surf shop, but The Dream Team saw a store that could potentially change the next couple of weeks drastically. SUPER MERCADO, this thing was totally like the Wal-Mart of Costa Rica. After 15 minutes of searching for the Bond that is Golden, I was on the verge of tears…but then I noticed there were people around so I went to the corner and sobbed. Yet another failure, the Bond that is Golden escapes our grasp yet again.

While I was wallowing in self-pity, Bama and Mike each bought a pair of sandals / shoes and the girls got clothes and other pretty things. Later on we walked to a “mall” and found a camera for Brandi, and were entertained by Dina because she decided to jump on a trampoline. I felt like we were on The Man Show, it was completely awkward but totally hilarious. I will say this; she is a baller when it comes to backflips. Dina, stop scanning my blogs for your name, and start reading.

We ended up taking a taxi home from Liberia so that we could get back in time to watch the Magic win game 3. This was the best and worst decision that we made all day. I’ve been pretty comfortable with the crazy taxi drivers so far, but this guy was seriously out of his mind. He must have thought someone was giving birth and needed to get to a hospital pronto. At one point one of the girls simply said, “Are we in Britain? We’ve been on the left side of the road more than the right.” It was crazy, nothing like a 15 passenger van pushing dirt bikes and bicycles off the road. Anyway, we got back safely, and I fully enjoyed watching the Magic win what is most likely going to be their only win of the NBA Finals. What can I say; the West is better than the East…no question about it.

BTW, Objectives we completed:
1. Shoes for Bama
2. “Beach proof” camera for Brandi (her camera got swept away by the ocean yesterday)

Three objectives completed are better than 1 objective completed. That’s what’s up!!!

PS. Hi Mom!

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