Costa Rica – Day 11

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The beginning of a new week means one thing for students, a new professor. CPI makes sure to rotate professors on a weekly basis to enhance learning for students as well as make sure to spread the good ones around (or something like that). So, it’s goodbye Cynthia, and hello…someone special? Lucky for us (Trey, Drew and I) got one of the more strict teachers in the school. She seems pretty cool, but she really doesn’t want us speaking any English…I half expected to get a ruler to the knuckles. She’s really cool, but we like to speak English, you know? A normal day for our new professor (yes I forgot her name already) is to teach school in the morning, sleep in the afternoon and then go to the casino in Tamarindo and deal cards. So she does have a cool side to her after all. Awesome.

After a morning of much more difficult class we got a group of about 12 people (including about 5 new students) to go eat lunch at the Monkey Bar. The place has an amazing view (picture posted if I remember) BUT they have really poor taste in visitors / guests. Right before we got our food a pretty sizeable iguana approached the bar area. It was in this moment that I realized I hate iguanas just as much as I hate snakes. Iguanas are creepy little creatures that can move really fast, not only are their claws pretty dang sharp but they can bite too. I know I’m a little girl when it comes to this, but seriously man, iguanas are dumb. Anyway, apparently this bar feeds this iguana a ton of cherries around 1pm every day. Stupid. It was kind of sad that I was the only person that was actually scared of the iguana (I wasn’t scared…I’m simply writing this to uh make other people feel better). Overall, food was great, people were cool BUT the iguana should die in a fire.

After lunch we decided to head over to Flamingo Beach to get owned by some waves. No, we didn’t have any boards, but we did have our extremely well-sculpted bodies (ha). The waves got pretty grande and instead of trying to ride waves, I decided to try to do numerous flips and aerials under water. It felt like I would catch the wave, and then some immeasurable force would pick my body up out of the water and drop me head first in to the sand. You know the movie Lord of The Rings (the first one)? There is a part where this amazingly hot she-elf makes the river come to life and the water becomes a stampede of horses. Not only does this save Frodo’s life, but it also looks like a really bad day for people in the water. Well, today there was a stampede in the waves, and The Dream Team just so happened to be in the water. Sounds like a great time, right?

It was also today that I realized I had a blonde moment, it’s just this particular blonde moment lasted had been going on for 10 days. The first day I hit the beach I saw a booey (Spell check mom?) in the water and someone had mentioned that they had a shark net at this beach. Well it wasn’t until someone pointed out that there was only one booey out there that I realized there really wasn’t a shark net out there. I guess it hadn’t occurred to me that it might take more than one booey in the water to hold up a whole shark net. I also learned not to expect shark nets in countries that don’t have fully paved roads, I mean, why would they have shark nets at the beach, yet not have enough money to pave all of their roads??? Idiot.

It would be at this point in the story that I would point out the fact that The Dream Team happened to leave Rachel at the beach, but I don’t want to dwell on that story because she wasn’t very happy with The Dream Team. Let’s just block that story out of our memory and put it in the recycling bin…done.

The Dream Team went back home for dinner, Luz had made a pretty legit dinner. We had potatoes, rice mixed with ham and other amazing foods. BUT the food isn’t what made this dinner amazing. I have yet to mention the fact that this country is stuck in the 80’s, but I can ignore this brutal fact no longer. Mom be ready to hear about the time that you grew up in…wait…no…um…prepare to hear about a time that came much after you were young and WAY past your “cool” stage. I mean, you got married in the 80’s…awkward. Anyway at one point last week we had dinner and Jonathon decided to play a DVD (didn’t have those in your day did they mom???) of music videos straight out of the 80’s. This was cool with me, and I think they appreciated my singing and dancing, but that was last week. Tonight they decided to play a DVD of Michael Jackson, I know, seriously? A full DVD of Michael Jackson, before and after the color change, before and after he started dancing with himself on camera. For some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to eat dinner with a straight face. I think I brought up the fact that Michael Jackson likes children 30 too many times. I think it’s a song about “Black and White” that really pushed me over the edge. At the end of this video there was about a 5 minute dance scene in which Michael Jackson dances with…Michael Jackson. He smashes a bunch of Neo-Nazi phrases and racial stuff which is awesome, but the whole scene was quite disturbing. You should Youtube it…wait…don’t check it out cause you may want your food to settle. Only later did I realize that our Tica family really liked everything we were watching and totally loved the Jackson, thanks for telling me LJ.

I don’t really want to end on this note, but come to find out one of the bar tenders (Donald) at the restaurant we go to for internet every night apparently thinks LJ and I are cute. Awkward. He’s a cool dude but my gaydar totally messed up on this one. As Tup would say, “For Frrrrrrruit’s sake” (roll the r’s) I wish Donald would give us a discount on food or something. Anyway, all this day has done is give Rachel more ammunition, she now knows that I don’t like iguanas and that she can add the phrase, “with Donald” on to the end of everything I say. Aight I’m out, and am going to bed…

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