Costa Rica – Day 10

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Sunday, The Dream Team has yet to find a church here, so we slept in…late, I mean really late. The weekend had beat the tar out of us so we decided to sleep in until 10:30 (actually LJ woke up around 9:30). Breakfast??? Sure, just grab some fresh pineapple slices and orange juice, I have actually come to prefer pineapple over my usual Captain Crunch (don’t hate). It’s so dang good here, biting into a pineapple is like biting into twenty packages of Fruit Gushers all at once, and the only difference is the juice from a pineapple is good…I mean really good. After we ate breakfast we decided to chill out and walk around the beach for a while, we are in Costa Rica, right? I like the beach.

While headed to the beach here in Brasilito, The Dream Team passed by the bar and grill called, “Outback Jacks.” This is where The Dream Team got flagged down by their amiga Rachel. She was eating and talking with the extremely cute Manager of Outback Jacks named Sarah. Sarah graduated from a University in Maine in December of 2007 and took a trip to Costa Rica post-graduation. She simply decided to stay here and has been living the Pura Vida ever since. So, The Dream Team decided to keep the girls company and chat for a while at Outback Jacks. After Rachel was done getting her eat on she walked down to the beach with us.

Later that afternoon we decided to “grub out” at a seafood restaurant at the end of Brasilito. We really wanted to eat at Miguel’s place again, but he was closed because it was Sunday. As we walked up to the restaurant we realized that this was going to be an expensive meal. All of the tables had an amazing view of the beach and the menus pricing was insane. One of the first odd things that happened was immediately after we ordered, a woman brought a rock filled with water and flowers over to our table so that we could wash our hands. She then proceeded to dry our hands…it totally wasn’t necessary, but hey, “When in Rome.” I don’t even know if that statement applies. I had pasta with some chicken and shrimp which was stellar, and LJ had something else that was really good…I uh think it had rice with it. Rachel decided to sit this one out since she had already consumed MANY chicken wings earlier that afternoon. After we ate a woman brought out 3 little dishes with an alka-seltzer-like tablet placed on each one, they actually looked like little mints. After the woman placed the dishes down she poured water on to each tablet and it expanded in to a tube-like shape. It was only after the tablet had expanded that Rachel attempted to eat the “tablet.” Hahahaha, sorry Rachel. The “tablet” actually ended up being a towellette used for hand washing. The woman then also put a little flower in Rachel’s hair, but happened to look over LJ and me…harshness.

Later that night we decided to head over to the other students apartments to watch the Lakers and Magic game. Dina and Arizona Andy are Lakers fans so that made me happy, because I had to cheer against someone. Mike kept shouting certain things about Kobe of which I will not repeat, he’s apparently still hurting from the fact that Kobe wouldn’t play in Philly. Honestly though Mike, I wouldn’t play for any city in which the fans call their baseball team the “Sillies” (the rest of the world knows them as the Phillies). Anyway, the game wouldn’t have been the same without Mike 5 beers in. I will rant about this though…Stan Van Gundy deserves to coach nothing higher than high school girls basketball. I’m probably wrong on this, but he decided to keep Rafer Alston in midway through the fourth quarter even though the man was like 0 for 6 from the 3 point line. I’m talking WIDE OPEN THREES…I could hit those for crying out loud. AND THEN he decides to let his team play the last 10 minutes of the game without a point guard??? There were many breakdowns in offense and the Magic couldn’t get a quality shot off multiple possessions in a row!! There is this player the Magic have, his name is freaking Jameer Nelson!! All-Star!! I know he’s been out a long time but he can stinkin’s create for his team. Ok, sorry…that’s all.

Have a goodnight people.

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