Costa Rica – Day 1

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Today I realized I know more Spanish than I thought I did, I also came to the realization that the amount of Spanish I know is not nearly enough to handle a 30 second long conversation. LJ and I flew in to San Jose around 1:50 local time this afternoon and after having an argument about whether the time changed or not we also noticed that neither of us have a watch…fantastic. It’s ok though, I mean it’s not like we have to be up early Sunday morning to catch a bus to get to Flamingo. Right now we are in a little town in between Heridia and San Jose just chilling at a hostel and “doing the dang thing” while we wait for our rocket to come (yes a Jason Mraz reference) on Sunday morning.

The local men are really odd here, LJ and I walked in to town with a few girls that are staying at the hostel and all of the guys were whistling and yelling at me and LJ. I mean, I know we are attractive men, but I didn’t expect for the “Ticos” to pay so much attention to us…awkward. On another note,
The Dream Team (LJ and I) went in to town and saw this really cool church and decided to go check it out. It was beautiful, one of those times I wish I had my camera, but I didn’t want everyone to know I was a tourist…even though they already knew. We went inside the church just to take a peak and this elderly gentlemen walks up to us and starts speaking really fast. I kept telling the man that we just wanted to see the church and he kept talking to us as if we understood. Eventually we did understand, I apparently kept telling him that we want to see the church (as if I wanted a tour), and we think he kept telling us we weren’t dressed properly to go in. I thought God officially approved shorts and Sperry’s as his dress code, but apparently not. It also didn’t help that I kept telling him that the church was “bonito” instead of “precioso” I don’t really know if that is a big deal but he didn’t seem to like it. Either way, The Dream Team made a new friend whether he knew it or not.

We woke up to a stellar orchestra playing an amazing song, all loud noises were invited. The song began with about 30 barking dogs harmonizing with a rooster. Shortly thereafter the vehicles started their honking and brake checks to bring in some depth to the vocals of the dogs and rooster. The chorus began when about 20 students were leaving to go to the bus and were yelling and shouting. It was all brought together with a big finish when the construction crew next door began cutting tiles. Needless to say, I went back to sleep.

It’s Saturday today and we’re headed to a National Park, looks like I might see a snake on the 2nd day I’m here. Crapsticks. Hasta lluego.

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