Aaron’s Burning

Posted by Aaron Watters - July 26, 2009 - Just Venting - No Comments

So, I stepped in to the shower today and felt a sudden rush of pain. I was quickly reminded that I received a stellar sunburn yesterday. I had recently been at the beach in Costa Rica for 5 weeks and rarely wore sunscreen…didn’t even get a tan, sad story. So, in all my wisdom I thought that I would forgo the sunscreen on our 4 hour long tubing trip yesterday. Brilliant! I definitely have an extremely awkward sunburn and my belly button looks like it’s wearing a white headband…which of course was only created by my massive amounts of flab rolling over each other. I think, the next time I go tubing, I will remember painful showers, itching skin, uncomfortable nights in bed and oh ya the fact that skin cancer runs rampant in our family lineage.

On another note, I have to mention this…when I was 19 I took my 14 year old little brother to the beach with a bunch of my friends (I’m such a good big brother). My mom’s one request was that I put sunscreen on my brother’s back for him, not to look out for him while he’s in the water and not to make sure he doesn’t get run over by a car (he did that on a different trip to the beach). So we arrived at the beach and my little brother asked me to put sunscreen on his back and I kindly replied, “No, you flamer, I’m not touching your back.” He got burned so bad he couldn’t sit all the way back on the seat the whole ride home…it was terribly awesome. He fell asleep sitting up. The best part was when you looked at his back you could clearly see the white outlines of his fingers desperately trying to protect his back with sunscreen. hahahahahahaha. Awesome…I guess you had to be there…

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