25 Not So Interesting Facts About Me

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This entry is one of those “interesting facts” forms that I always get highly annoyed with, but hey, it was fun learning a little more about myself. Try thinking of 25 interesting facts about yourself and put them on paper for reflection.
1. I stress out about stressing out.

2. I like running in the rain.

3. Even though I do it all the time, I hate text messaging people..I just don’t have time to call.

4. Sometimes I act like I think I can play basketball, in all actuality I know my true sport is cricket I just haven’t had the time to develop my game.

5. I’m commitment-phobic.

6. I have always wanted to film commercials or short films. I like to try to make up witty ideas that would make people laugh. If I was good at entertaining, I would be an entertainer…

7. I have asthma.

8. I’m a conflict avoider, I would rather lose an argument and win the friendship / relationship.

9. I’ve got a self-deprecating sense of humor..not because of low self-esteem but well, because it’s funny.

10. I enjoy analyzing people’s non-verbal communication.

11. I count every step that I take on my way to class.

12. I put too much on my plate (figuratively speaking) to see what I’m capable of handling.

13. I get annoyed when people say stupid repetitive things that make no sense (I’m sure I do this too)…for example, I know someone who always says, “Like I said…” but it never actually works..I always catch myself thinking “You never said that or anything relevant to that comment!”.

14. I wish I was creative enough to be a graphic artist (shut up Nate).

15. One of my favorite passages in Scripture is Matthew Chapter 7.

16. I used to think I could write lyrics..that died quick.

17. I was (and sometimes still am) scared of the Spurs Coyote. When I was a baby he came up to our seats at a game. The Coyote was the focal point of my nightmares all through childhood.

18. I call my mom by her first name, Judy..it’s a term of endearment..I love Judy, how many mom’s would: let a van full of boys moon a van full of girls (all of them being her students)? Dare her son to take a…never mind I was gonna list more, but all of her students are on facebook….

19. I get migraines all the time.

20. I like shy girls.

21. If I’m mean to you in a sarcastic way…you’re probably on my good side.

22. I hate clubs.

23. I hate politics.

24. I hate egos.

25. I hate snakes. When I was 3 or 4 years old my family went to the snake farm and my dad thought it was a good idea to hang me by my ankles above the python pit…thanks dad.

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